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Linking East-West

Do you live in the West and think about the East, or the other way around? There are lots of things we don’t know about each other. Cooperation from the Atlantic coast in the West to the Russian border in the East offers many new developmental possibilities. The Nordic market has become increasingly more interesting and the trade between East and West continues to grow. Russia, with Saint Petersburg and Karelia, is also excitingly close.

If you wish to hear more about Russian Karelia, you can order the lecture “A journey to Russian Karelia in word and picture”. We travel, by words and pictures, to different places in Karelia and listen to both historical and recent events. A whole lot of tips and ideas will be brought about.

Are you considering looking for business partners for your business or organization? Maybe you need a door opener or an agent for your first connections?

Ann-Sofi Backgren is since long a Nordist. When she was young, she was vice chairperson in the Pohjola-Nordens Youth Association and active in youth issues on a Nordic level, among other things. She has also been active in the Kvarken council and is, since a few years back, a member of the Mid-Nordic committee. She has managed projects on a Nordic and Baltic level with funding from the Nordic Council of Ministers. Ann-Sofi Backgren is also an experienced Russia traveller. During the last 8 years, she has travelled mainly to Russian Karelia, but also to Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Vyborg, Kexholm, and Kursk. She has been approved a business visa to Russia. As a Finland-Swede she stands with her feet in the Finnish society, but with a Swedish cultural background. Her fiancé is a Finnish speaker and lives by the Russian border. He, in turn, has over 20 years of experience in cooperating across the border with Russia. Together as a team they offer an outstandingly broad expertise in cooperation, networking, and competence within the cooperative area that is the Nordic, the Baltics, and Russia.

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