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World Heritage


World heritage – being unique, globally and locally

Have you ever wondered what a world heritage status means? How does one go about to get into UNESCO:s list of world heritages? How can local communities benefit from a world heritage status from a developmental point of view?

Why not order a special lecture that explains the concepts and/or shows the possibilities of a world heritage status. Perhaps you would like to take an inspirational trip to different world heritages through words and pictures, or visit the world heritage that is the Kvarken archipelago?

Excursions to the former coast guard station on Molpehällorna, as well as the former pilot station on Rönnskär, can be arranged. Additionally, trips to Strömmingsbådan are possible during certain conditions, as it is located out in the middle of Kvarken. An excursion to the world heritage can also be made by bus. For example, you could take a trip to Bergö, or visit the discontinued lead mine in Korsnäs.

Combine the world heritage information with exercise. Nature trails are located on Molpehällorna (circa 3 km), on Bergö (circa 4 km and 7 km), and at the discontinued lead mine in Korsnäs (circa 2 km). Eat well at Strand-Mölle in Molpe and try the saunas by the beaches in Molpe and on Bergö.

Ann-Sofi Backgren participated in the process which lead to the inclusion of the Kvarken archipelago on UNESCO:s list of world heritages in the year 2006, a process which lasted almost ten years. As the chair of the Assembly in the municipality of Korsnäs, she participated in the final deliberation with UNESCO:s representative Jim Torsell from Canada during his visit at the Kvarken archipelago. Later, at a UNESCO meeting in Vilnius, Torsell advocated the possibility that the Kvarken archipelago could obtain world heritage status. Together with the High Coast in Sweden, the Kvarken archipelago forms a border-crossing world heritage. In 2014, there were 1007 sites noted on UNESCO:s list of world heritages. 779 of those are cultural heritages, 179 are natural heritages, and 31 sites are both cultural and natural heritages. 7 of those sites are located in Finland, of which 6 are cultural heritages. The Kvarken archipelago is the sole natural heritage in Finland.

Ann-Sofi Backgren became a certified guide as early as 1988. She is mainly active in the countryside of Korsnäs and on Bergö. When it comes to excursions at sea, her home base is Molpehällorna and the guided tour “In the footsteps of Jakob Rautio, the lighthouse keeper”, which includes visits to the location of Ostrobothnia’s first beacon, dating back to the 17th century. In Bergö’s archipelago, on Rönnskär, you can get acquainted with the pilot community and the oldest standing beacon in the country, which was built in the 18th century. Ann-Sofi has also worked on a local project on development with focus on the world heritage status in the municipalities of Maalahti and Korsnäs (LEADER-funding). Nowadays, she is vice chairman in the association Världsarv I Kvarken r.f. (a cooperative organization for the five world heritage municipalities and the Metsähallitus) as well as board member at Visit Vaasa, the tourism development company in the Vaasa region. In addition, she is a member of the common coordination group Höga Kusten-Kvarkens skärgård, which reports to UNESCO and works with interacting projects across the border. Ann-Sofi likes to get acquainted with various world heritage sites and has visited about 70 of them, most of them in Europe. In June 2012, the world heritage delegation for the Kvarken archipelago appointed Ann-Sofi Backgren world heritage ambassador of the Kvarken archipelago, an honorary assignment.

Storytelling – strategic marketing

Would you, your organization, or your company try to find new approaches when it comes to marketing?

If so, storytelling could be the method that opens new doors for you.

Are you curious and want to hear more about what storytelling as a strategical marketing tool encompasses? Why not order an inspirational lecture or a workshop on the topic?

Ann-Sofi Backgren got in contact with storytelling as a method when she worked as a guide and project leader for a world heritage project in the municipalities of Maalahti and Korsnäs. Wanting to give more life to her guided tours, she started digging through anything interesting that could be found in the local history and culture. Nowadays, the story of Jakob Rautio – the last lighthouse keeper of Moikepää Lighthouse is included in the world heritage guide concept. Her interest in storytelling brought her to a special education in The Netherlands, along with representatives from other European countries. When she returned home, she began planning inspirational seminars together with representatives from KulturÖsterbotten and Sydkustens landskapsförbund as a part of her work at SFV Bildning. The feedback was positive and a continuation was requested. The collaboration continued as a part of the project “Svenskfinland berättar”, where Ann-Sofi worked as inspirer at storytelling workshops. Afterwards, the international collaboration continued with the trainers in the Netherlands and new affiliates from six other European countries (Slovenia, Romania, The Czech Republic, Sicily/Italy, Spain, and Northern Ireland/Great Britain). Together they develop tools to use for storytelling on a European level. The project is funded by the European Commission’s special program ERASMUS+ (Lifelong Learning) 2014-2016.

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