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I am an experienced developer, PR-person, lecturer, inspirer, world heritage ambassador, and tourist guide. I am working with national and international projects (especially EU-funded projects). At the moment I am a lead partner of an ERASMUS+ project about the power of storytelling and a partner in an ERASMUS+ project about Empowerment trough education-gender equality & political leadership (2015-2018). I am also a specialist in rural policy and I have done a lot of work with local and regional development. My strengths include extensive networking, good interaction, and co-operative skills. I have been in leadership positions for a long time, so leadership and gender issues are interesting to me. I also like to run future workshops for companies, NGOs, and the public sector. My micro company BRAND-SOFI is functioning as a mission consulting service, based in Finland.

Thank you for showing your interest in my company. I am happy to answer your questions and I am ready to serve you as you like. My e-mail contact:

Best Regards Ann-Sofi Backgren/Brand-Sofi



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The lighthouse keeper of Moikepää Lighthouse

When I, in the year 1990, participated in the creation of the Molpe village action group I heard the story of Jakob Rautio, the last lighthouse keeper of Moikepää Lighthouse. My interest in history brought me to the library in Korsnäs, where I searched for more information. I found a copy of a copy of what looked like some sort of writing. It came to my knowledge that it was a Swedish man, named J O Åberg, who had probably written something down about the lighthouse keeper Jakob Rautio. Subsequently, I got elected to the first chairperson of the village action group, and forgot about Jakob Rautio for a while. Just over 20 years later, I worked with a local world heritage project in the municipalities of Maalahti and Korsnäs, which focused on archipelagic culture and heritage. I came to think about Jakob Rautio again. Was there really a book or written document at all where I could find out more about his life and times? I decided to try and find the book with the help of modern, computerized information systems. To my surprise the old book was not found in Sweden, which I had imagined, but in an old storage library in Kuopio in Finland. Most recently loaned at Pori Public Library in 1925. With the help of the book, my world heritage tours to Molpehällorna gained some new spice. At the location where Jakob Rautio’s lighthouse once stood, I could now tell people about his interesting and exciting life story. Many were interested in the old story. The thoughts of a reissue of the old book in one form or another started taking form, and that’s where I am now. The World Heritage delegation has granted the rights to the World Heritage logo for a reissue of the book.

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